It was a Tuesday.
We drank red wine and you made us stir-fry for dinner.
You asked me how my day was.
I told you it was okay.
But you were always so intuitive.

It was a Tuesday.
We talked about work and family and love.
You knew something was dragging me down.
I explained that I had been feeling detached lately.
But you always knew just what to say.

It was a Tuesday.
We lit the candle that we had bought the day before.
You told me how everyone has a door to their heart.
I told you I was hesitant to let you open mine.
But you already had the key.

It was a Tuesday.
We sat on your bed and listened to Radiohead on vinyl.
You asked me what I was so afraid of happening if you opened my door.
I said, “What if all you find is a bunch of rocks and salamanders?”
But you immediately replied, “I’ll take good care of your salamanders.”

To some, it is just a silly quote. To me, it is the definition of love. It is about compassion. It is about trust.
It is about being with someone who respects the parts of yourself that you’re afraid to let others see.
It is about embracing a mindset that doesn’t judge. It is a reminder to love yourself.

Rest Peacefully R.D.H.